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 1972 Subway Map
 Copyright: © New York City Transit Authority 1972
 Notes: On August 9th 1972 this new map was released to the public.
The subway map was completely redesigned by Massimo Vignelli. The color scheme for each route has remained basically the same although the representation of the routes have changed.
As described in the Daily News 8/6/72 "In order to stress the transit routes themselves, the geographical features of the city are faded into the background in muted grays, beiges and whites. Landmarks such as the East River are suggested symbolically."
"Maps like these have to make deliberate distortions to clarify." an MTA spokesman commented. “We tried to make sure that nothing unnecessary distracts the eye from the subway routes. There’s no sence in using a transit map for geography lesson.”



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New York Sunday News - August 6, 1972
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New York Sunday News - August 6, 1972