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Culver Shuttle to the Yukon Territory

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by Larry Fendrick

May 11, 1975 - The Culver Shuttle in Brooklyn makes it's final run at 12:01am.

Culver Shuttle 1975

The following photos are of a sign that was on the entrance to the elevated Culver Shuttle station at 13th. Avenue in Brooklyn.


In 1990, I drove to Alaska and stopped in Watson Lake in the Yukon territory of Canada. Watson Lake is famous for "Sign Post Forest", a collection of signs from all over the world that was started during World War II as the Alaska highway was under construction.

Sign Post Forest

Since then travelers stopping there have been bringing signs from their hometowns to mount on wooden poles. I mounted my Culver Shuttle sign there in 1990, then headed back to Brooklyn.

Watson Lake - 2001

In 2001, I decided to go back to Watson Lake to see if my sign was still there. At first I could not find the sign, as it had been moved, but after a bit of searching there it was! The sign was in pretty good condition after being outside in the Yukon for 11 years.

Yukon - 2001
Yukon - 2001

The sign has now returned home to Brooklyn NY.

Brooklyn NY - 2002

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